Seeing the original "Psycho" on the big screen, hearing its amazing score in an old Hollywood theater is already a fantastic experience. But to see the new film "Hitchcock," (which chronicles the period when Hitchcock was making "Psycho"), before that screening made it even more exciting and fun.
There were certain things I hadn't noticed before, seeing "Psycho" on the big screen - like small droplets of blood on Anthony Perkins' shirt when he becomes 'himself' again after the shower scene. Anthony Perkins is incredible. I could watch him over and over and over in "Psycho". "Hitchcock" is very entertaining and interesting. I especially enjoyed Helen Mirren as Hitch's wife Alma, and the story of the brilliant woman behind the brilliant director. Anthony Hopkins takes a fine turn as the iconic director. James D'Arcy missed out on a tremendous opportunity to bring Anthony Perkins to life.