I loved this movie. Profane and socially libertarian Breitbart fits no stereotype of a conservative. The film shows his "two emotions: jocularity, and righteous indignation" toward the media biased against conservatives. It's surprising that this former leftist lived quietly as a conservative until reluctantly becoming more public the last few years of his life. The film retells the false "Tea Party racism" attacks, and the ACORN, NAACP, and Wiener-gate exposes. It vindicates Breitbart, showing how the media sliced & diced his NAACP/Sherrod video and news story to take them out of context and smear him. I didn't discover Breitbart and his legacy until after his untimely passing. He left huge footprints for "citizen journalists" and the American people to follow in revealing the truth, and the hypocrisy of the left.