I loved this, both the film itself and the Rifftrax commentary. This movie is so laughably bad it almost doesn't need the Rifftrax treatment. Add the riffing by MST3K alumni Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbet and you have a terrific evening. Everything provided by the Rifftrakkers is great -- top notch work. But this movie -- horrible acting (the main female is probably the only one with actual acting experience and/or training), the slow scenes last a very long time, it takes forever for the movie to get to its "shock and horror" scenes, and special effects? more like silly effects -- so terribly bad that most people would not believe your description of it. My only complaint is that I missed many jokes due to the near-constant laughter (but I'll fix that when the Rifftrax folks issue a DVD version of this live show), but you can't blame the audience for this. Cannot wait for the next Rifftrax live show!