I went to the screening at the Regal Santiam 11 in Salem, OR. The showing of these films was advertised, "as they were meant to be seen". Nothing could be further from the truth. The image shown on the screen was cropped at the top and bottom, resulting in the tops of characters' heads being cut off, the credits being partially cut at the upper and lower extremes (even "The End" wasn't all there), and one can easily imagine how this affected the overall image. Take, for example, the well-known and moving scene where the skylight is opened and the creature experiences outside light for the first time, reaching up to try to grasp it. Now imagine this without being able to see the creature's fingers.

Films made at that time were in a different, narrower image format than that whick fits screens today. One would think that either the people responsible for creating this version of these films or the projectionist would know that. Apparently, that is asking too much. Disgusting