I've liked most of the bevy of faith-based films released these past couple of years; some a lot, some not so much. A theatrical film released for pay exhibition should be purposed first for entertainment, then whatever else. The "whatever else" includes education, news, opinion or messaging in the form of sermonizing. Granted, when seeing a film in this genre the expectation is one of a values-based, perhaps even secular, message. However, the best films in this genre, and those that make them, are successful because they respect their audience's expectation to be entertained for their money. In other words, the key word here should be commercial, otherwise they’re paying for a sermon. Sadly, it's difficult enough to gets screens for a film in this genre and one that disappoints the audience and/or exhibitor's bottom line makes it all the more hard for the next effort that comes along seeking opportunity. This ticket's value is a judgment call best left to the one paying.