I have no kids and no excuse for going to see Nim’s Island, except the best possible justification in the world: Gerry Butler! A short rant: How tough is it to remember the name BUTLER? He works hard so we can have fun at the movies, and we repay his efforts by referring to him as “Nim’s dad” or “that guy from 300.” Come on, it’s not as if he were Fauntleroy St. John Basledown-Skeffington!! It’s Gerard Butler, or simply Gerry and he’s one of the very best actors working today. And he’s wonderful here, as he always is; completely convincing as Nim’s father and a flat out hoot as the imaginary Alex Rover. Jodie Foster shows a wonderful flair for comedy, and Abigail Breslin is charming as Nim. The story is intriguing, the performances are solid and the production values are extremely high. I expected this to be good; I did not expect it to be spectacular. It’s simply a marvelous film that works on every possible level. Go and enjoy yourself!