This movie is dear to our hearts and my daughter (avid film fan) considers its score her favorite of composer, John Williams' brilliant & historic collaboration w Spielberg. We bought tickets right away, also eager to see the introduction by TCM host, Ben Mankiewicz with star, Drew Barrymore for some history & behind the scenes anecdotes.
Viewing the movie again, in proper scale, was WONDERFUL. That scale revealed details of expressive interplay btwn the siblings, portrayed w amazing range by such young actors. The perspective immediately pulls the audience into the action and surreal atmosphere. These effects are heightened by the symphonic score --enveloping us in the theater-- building until it soars (along w Eliot and E.T.), later echoing the characters' angst, and ultimately resolving as celestial tones key the transcendent theme.
{the ONLY disappointment was our frustration that the VENUE failed to project TCM's special intro until final 3 minutes!} - b.Molloy