Over all this was a good attempt at a war film. In the first Saints and Soldiers they tried to rewrite history and make the Malmédy Massacre of American prisoners by the SS look like it was the Americans' fault. In this one they may have stayed closer to fact. It is said to be based on a true story, but the ending is a bit hard to believe, and the story line is very predictable. The acting is ok, except the French girl loses her French accent and sounds like a western American (most Europeans learn British English) by the end of the film. Technically it is well done for a film that obviously was shot on a small budget. Uniforms and small arms look good, they have what looks like an M18 tank destroyer and very good reproductions of a SdKfz 251, Panzer III and an ME109. The buildings in the film are where the film really shows its small budget, they look American, especially a post World War II steel storage shed that is supposed to be a barn. Never the less, it was fun to watch.