As a SCV alumni, I was extremely excited to attend your broadcast of the DCI Semifinals. However, after sitting through 3 hours of corps performances I (and the entire packed theater) were aghast when your live feed went dead due to weather problems.
Granted, you can't control the weather, but honestly, had you NO backup plan?
We all sat and stared at a frozen screen for 20 minutes. Just long enough for me to miss the one and only corps I came to see.
This is akin to sitting through an entire lengthy graduation, just to miss your child walking across the stage for their diploma.
And Steve Rondinaro's pithy response when the broadcast continued was: "sorry for that."
Are you kidding me?!
We not only had to pay for a babysitter to attend this show, but drove over an hour, sat through 3 hours of your broadcast and then left when you failed to produce a show that we paid $36 to see.
I doubt if I will waste my time in the future to ever pay to see anything Fathom Event does again..