The Opera, live in HD from the Met in New York presented GLORIOUS singing and wonderful acting. We have seen this opera before but this was a much different production. Though I like this one I must say I prefer the old one. Natalie Dessay was lovely and her singing was above reproach in all ways. But what was not good at all was that we had to stand in line outside for over a half hour just waiting for the theater to open. (We had our tickets as did everyone in line) Then we had to wait again inside waiting for them to ready the theater where the opera would be showing. We could see NO reason for this and feel the theater should not have done this at all. It was a very large group of people waiting fortunately in an orderly fashion but quite disgruntled as well they should have been..Many of those waiting were elderly with walkers and canes. We will not go to this theater again. There are plenty of other theaters from which to choose.