In an interview at the red carpet premeire of "Wrath of The Titans" , actor Liam Nesson was asked about what his thoughts were on the new film. He said, " Well, the first film was terrific. This is terrific x 10." And he couldn't have said it better. I'm was one of the few in a minority who like the remake of "Clash of the Titans", but thanks to Jonathnan Liebesman at the helm directing the sequel, he greatly improves on the foundation. I was dissappointed by the director's last effort "Battle: Los Angeles" but found myself like what he did here. The monsters are alot scarier and thereaning this time around, and even the 3-D is better in this film. Even with 3-D becoming less of a demand now ( but IMAX greatly is ) the technology has greatly improved since the 2010 release. With the works he's put in now, i'm very interested to see how Liebesman will take on "Ninja Turtles" come Christmas 2013.