Double features are a good move. But bring back the pre-movie cartoon (Pixar?) so viewers don't have to sit through the same promotional shorts between the two main features they saw before the first one. And if you want to save theaters, contract with several food vendors (Dominos, McD's, Taco Time, Subway?), reduce per unit profit margin, sell more volume on food and tickets. People are tired of $5.50 for a dollar's worth of popcorn.

As for the films, I had seen The Iron Lady before and was able to watch Streep's technique more analytically. In a league by herself. As was Thatcher (who broke the glass ceiling almost before the term was coined). Terrific casting decision and performance.

The Artist is very well acted and constructed. It reminds the viewer of the influence body body language and physical context have on how we perceive life. So much can be conveyed; so much can be misinterpreted. A "Go" by itself.