When Rudolpho hauled out his typewriter, i knew that we were no longer in the 1830s, and at the end of Act II, the principals rode off in a classy touring car, the time lurched forward to the 1920s, but generally it seemed that we were somewhere in the 1890s, not so far from when the music was composed. Certainly it was a presentation with lots of movement, from the clowning of Rudopho's pals, to the "street artists" of Act II, and even the drunks and passers by in Act III - there was almost always something happening.At times the subtitles were lost [fell off the bottom of the screen], and at other times misplaced [in the Act III quartet, text of the fighting couple was superimposed on the reconciling couple]. Musically it was a treat; great voices. Vargas was superb!