This was the first Fathome Events show I've attended. Beaming stage shows over satellite is a good way to introduce them to wider audiences. However, our screening had many major blips, cutting off songs for ten or twenty seconds, which of course impacted the flow. (This may have been due to solar activity or other weather factors but it was annoying nevertheless.)

This sequel to "Phantom of the Opera" has a lovely score and it was shot with multiple cameras, making the audience feel up close to the action. Since these are stage actors, however, not all of them came across well acting on camera. The makeup on the male leads was toned down but several female characters seemed overly made up and therefore looked older than they should have in close ups. They were all wonderful singers though and portrayed their characters well.

In my opinion, the sequel doesn't rise to the level of the original musical but I'm glad I had the opportunity to see this production.