Even if you THINK you don't like Classical Music, you’ll LOVE THIS! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear this Phenomenal Symphony of a Thousand by the Great Composer, Gustav Mahler (means Painter in German). Last Day! You MUST go tonight (or Never) to hear this Spectacular example of people working together for a common goal. Performers are half LA Phil players, sitting right next to poor, young kids from Venezuela (ages 13-29) who have been given the chance to learn their instruments by joining El Sistema. (Google this) - the same system that Produced the Greatest Young Conductor in the World - Gustavo Dudamel - now Director of the LA Phil). This is NOT a plot Movie, it is a massive Concert for over 1,000 Singers & Musicians! The Music is Awesome! Unforgettable! Here is the Text of the Final Scene: "Everything transitory - Is only a parable; The inadequate Here - is an event; The indescribable Here - is done; The eternal feminine Draws us on to Heaven.”