Tho the intro by ALW emphasized this was filmed live on stage before a real audience, it never gave us the feeling of seeing a live performance. There was too much emphasis on close ups of the performers, and almost no shots of the overall stage or the very complex set,. Adding to this lack of presence, there was no audience applause included in the sound track ,nor any shots from audience positions. It had the feel of a movie, rather than a stage performance.

The story was interesting and quite plausible, and kept our interest to the last. It was "compatible" with the Phantom story line.

The performances were fine by all the principals.

Bigggest disappointment was the music. No show stoppers, no take away songs, no dramatic orchestrations comparable to "Phantom." The theater sound was ear splitting. There were several "production numbers" similar to Pahntom's "Masquerade" but the photography never showed the scope of these except by swirling close-ups.