I saw the show in London 3 times, just because I loved the score, the production didn't really work for me then, no matter which version. THIS one does!! Proves it makes sense not to give up. But I don't understand why I keep sitting in an almost empty theater for those events. Webber is the most popular composer, but there is no advertising. the theater I saw it in (Swansea, MA) didn't even show the title, just "special event". When I saw the Phantom 25th anniv concert in Burlington, VT at least there was a self-made poster in the lobby. A friend went inNYC .. same thing .. almost no audience. The only advertising i saw was on Playbill.com as I booked a ticket for a broadway show. None of my friends who wanted to see the show knew about it. And why does it not play in europe (where I am from)???
The show was great, it would have been so much better with more than 10 people in the audience.