Our 2nd HD opera. Most enjoyable.Our local venue was filled with appreciative viewers.
Though quintessential Verdi (thwarted love, revenge, concealed identity, redemption), Ernani was new to me, so I read a synopsis ahead of time and took it with us to read before and between acts. With the synopsis and the subtitles, the otherwise confusing plot lines were easy to decipher. It was exciting to see Angela Meade, an alumna of AVA, on the Met stage. She has a glorious voice. The intermission interviews with Joyce DiDonato (also an AVA alumna) and the principals, were delightful, insightful. The camera closeups of the singers' faces provided intimate expressions of their emotions, of course, requiring more acting skills than simple body language and stage direction. The backstage activities were fascinating to watch, giving us a real appreciation of the human and technical requirements for such a presentation. We did wish that certain scenes had been a bit more brightly lighted.