Nothing to complain about regarding the opera itself. Our local theater, though -- now that's another matter.

First, those of us "opera oldsters" who normally show up an hour or so before the actual performance (come early, get a good seat) were prevented from entering the theater - any part of it - until 1/2 hour before showtime. The usual ticket taker said it was the manager's decision, not his. I wonder what that's all about?

Then, after all the pre-show commercials, some of which I've seen so often that I could shout the lines back to the performers, Verdi's Italian opera Ernani started - without English subtitles. The entire first scene of act one left the audience clueless as to what was being expressed by the music. The opera (video) was actually stopped (so much for your "Live in HD" performance) until someone could push the right buttons.

THEN, a complete loss of reception later in the opera!