This was an amazing, educational, and moving experience. That is just the program about the teaching of classical music in Venezuela. I only wish that some day, we could do the same.
OTOH, Mahler's 8th is not one of my favorite Mahler symphonies, it rates 9th out of 9, unless you count the 10th.
I found the subtitles did not enhance the experience. I don't know who did the translation from German but, it turned out to be religious gibberish. No, I am not knocking religion, it was the poor translation that was incomprehensible.
The sound, to me, did not measure up to the series 'LIVE AT THE MET IN HD". It was flat, like a good CD, but not what I expected. The orchestra came through well. Of course, I should have written "the orchestras" as it was a combined LA Philharnonic and the Simon Bolivar Synmphony Orchestra of Venezuela.
The chorus, was over 1000 strong. Amazingly, very few members over 20. And the childrens chorus of about 250. They had NO scores to sing from!!!