However, as far as Indian movies go, takes you back to your parents generation (60s70s80s) style of know, either a love triangle or boys parent(s) gets unjustly murdered, boy grows up and exacts revenge...been there seen that. But well directed and again Hrithik perfornace was unbelievable.
Also typical for Indian movies...1/2 hour longer than it really needed to be...certain plot points dragged out...but you're prepared for this in Indian movies...and other plot points weren't developed enough and the scene/event hits you from left field. Cant elaborate too much w/o giving away details.
Priyanka is gorgeous as usual. I HATE Sanjay Dutt...he's just downright gross/disgusting human being...HOWEVER, this was THE perfect role for him...looked like Voldemort from Harry Potter...a gross/disguting looking monster.
One WARNING - NOT SUITABLE for kids under 12. Quite explicit violent scenes.