Of all the "Underworld" films I've seen so far... this has to be by far the loudest installment in the series. Perhaps the IMAX surround system was really REALLY aggressive for this film. Louder than any of the other films in the series. And I've seen the others in theaters, but in regular theaters. The IMAX presentation of the film was great. I love the 3-D. This is my second favorite installment in the series. In front of "Rise of The Lycans" and the first film, but behind Underworld: Evolution" (still the best one). Intrigued to see where they go after this one. Well directed too. Would love to see these directors come back to do more "Underworld" films. They're the best directors for this series since Len Wisemen. But still a good movie. THE IMAX 3-D Experience is a great presentation of the film.