I had a great time. Much as I like baroque music, I did have a flicker of concern early on that 3 hours might be too much - but the singing so nicely filled things out musically that it was a delight throughout. Joyce DiDinato was my favorite. It was nice during intermission to have her comments about building character & decisions about inflection.
Costumes were elaborately fantastical - delightful. It was fun to find a couple of Miranda's Tempest lines handed to a different character here. How fitting that Ferdinand turns out to be another counter-tenor. What else? O frivolously, or perhaps not, there's something to be said for pairing Miranda with Caliban. Both are so open with their parents, talking to them even about love & desire. Oh sure, he does show a nasty streak, yet he's so wondrously introspective. His first feelings for the Midsummer Night's Dream lady - desire plus worship - came out as wondrous, no longer cliche.