This was our first HD opera experience; it was wonderful. [I am a regular listener to the Saturday afternoon radio broadcasts.]

There were so many visual moments that would not have been understood by the radio audience, e.g., the humor of Ariel's wearing a diving suit to approach Neptune, and the pathos of Caliban as his mother sang to him about a broken heart, and the lovely transformation of Sycorax from hag to beautiful woman.

I loved that there were subtitles, even though the opera was sung in English, was delighted to see so many children in the audience, and enjoyed the intermission interviews, especially the one with Placido Domingo. How unusual was casting the sorcerer Prospero as a Countertenor, not a Bass.

Even in a movie house, the audience members laughed, cried and applauded. [The funniest line was that "there was not only botany, there was chemistry." Neptune's lines about the protection of the seas and their creatures were surprisingly relevant.