I admit to being somewhat skeptical going in, but I was blown away. The story (while convoluted) was an intelligent mashup of The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream, and I found it delightful (espeially being able to spot favorite parts from each of Shakespeare's plays).

The singing was magnificent, with everyone in great voice. And who knew Luca Pisaroni would make such a wonderful (and sympathetic Caliban), and sing his part in perfect idiomatic English without a discernable Italian accent? Placido Domingo was somewhat less successful in the accent department, but it didn't matter -- Domingo still "has it", for sure.

The beautiful duet between Anthony Roth Costanzo and Lisette Oropesa was a highlight for me, as was pretty much anything sung by Danielle De Niese.

I've decided I'm making a sepecial trip to New York to see it live at the opera house -- which will perhaps give an idea of how much I enjoyed this performance.