The most recent iteration of Faust, as presented by the Met Live in HD Series, is a disappointment. And the reason is the production. The singing is as good as it gets. Kaufmann is suitably handsome and dashing as the aging scientist who is returned to youth when he signs a pact with the devil. He sings with ardor and passion as befits the role Poplavskaya is a tender, meek and totally affecting Marie, She portrays a Marie as innocent and vulnerable as I've ever seen. Pape could not be a more menacing Lucifer; the rest of the cast, including the terrific Met chorus is fine. Mr. Nezet-Seguin, who I had seen conduct on previous occasions, was as fine a conductor as I know. The problem for me is the production, which I thought made no sense. I have no objection to moving the setting of an opera, but for me it has to contribute to the overall effect of the opera. This one did not. I most definitely would NOT recommend this as one to go and see. There are better ones out there.