I'm a little wary of too much motion in a 3-D movie, and Hugo did not make me motion sick. The 3-D effects made the movie just realistic enough to add to the adventure just brilliantly. Great acting & cinematography.

I loved the interactions of the characters; the growing affections between the characters really made the movie so much more enjoyable for me than a straight action movie.

Also, I enjoyed the way Hugo could make his way around the station so expertly.

It was so much fun seeing a bit of true history -- the derailing of the train and bursting out the front of the station was such a surprise for me. My family has a framed print of that exact scene that I didn't know had really happened until I checked the credits after the movie. That is so interesting.

In my opinion, Hugo is a great movie for kids age eight and up, especially lovers of trains and adventures.

I cannot wait for it to come out in DVD so I can have my own copy at home.