I knew going in this would be a cheesy movie but it was not up to the standards of fine Velveeta cheese food. This was such a crappy movie I feel like they should have paid me money to suffer through it. The story was stupid the acting was real bad like really bad. I normally Like Emile Hirsch but he was not even trying at all . I think he must have been forced to appear in this crap fest. I pretty much wanted all the characters in this ridiculously bad movie to die within the first 40 minutes. And then it ended really stupidly with them just sailing into the open sea to no particular destination to join the fight against aliens who looked like they would be better suited to a one off episode of Doctor Who. I am not sure but the aliens may have been some particularly nasty strain of Pokemon. Don't waste your money. By the why why the hell did they make this in 3D it really was pointless for them to do that.