Initially the show was marred by technical glitches in the sound. A couple seconds here and there, which is particularly annoying when the subject is an opera, and the sound track is so essential. Then the bulk of the opera was technically fine for sound, but in the finale [!] the grand ensemble item the closes the final scene, all went blank for several minutes, and people left the theatre thinking the rest of the transmission was lost, but then it did come back.

But aside from these technical issues [very annoying!] the production itself was spritely, lively and fully of human passion. Every character was not just well sung, but well acted. It was everything a good "show" must be.

In the intermission feature, two of the people presenting information spoke in Italian, but no subtitles were provided; this should not have been difficult.

Summary: The singing top notch, the acting superb, the technical details of the staging were very imaginative. But for HD not very good.