I watched the 3D version with friends this weekend. I had read the reviews and was excited to see this film. I liked it - I think. A red flag that went off was a case of heavy eyelids early in the film. I really struggled to find out why. I liked the film, sincerely. Beautifully made, great story, and really good performances by all involved. The 3D effects were quite good, also. Why did I not totally commit to it? My friends, also movie buffs, felt the same way. Maybe it was paced a tad slow at times? I cannot remember ANY of the music, which for me is also a red flag and perhaps contributed to the pacing. I loved the exploration of the roots of cinema and, had I been 10 or 12, would have loved the fantasy of living this secret, exciting life in a train station. Maybe that was it - I was not transported entirely to that world. It took my companions a while to get invested in the film, as well. I'm sure I will see it again, however, when it works itself around to our living rooms.