Martin Scorsese is a master at telling stories, whether about criminals in Boston or Irish Immigrants, always with a profound respect and homage to the story, the characters and the history. Hugo is a wonderful story about a boy searching for meaning in his life and a message from his dead father. But Scorsese's true aim was to tell the story of, and pay homage to, George Melies a pioneer and visionary of the cinema. Melies is played by the gifted Ben Kingsley, who heads ups wonderful cast. The fantasy of the film comes from the mind of Milies and his film creations that he likens to our dreams. Scosese aptly transports the viewer from the Hugo's present day back to George Milies studio. The viewer is given the opportunity to see how this genius of early film used art, technology and fun to create his masterpieces. Scorsese uses his genius to create Hugo's reality inside the Paris train station. It is a visual masterpiece and that is where the fantasy comes in. See it in 3D!