I'm glad to see that a true portrail of what JEH was like has finally been released. Anone who wasn't "of age" when Hoover was alive won't appreciate the revealing nature of this film other than to walk away with a better idea of how the real power in Washington D.C (or any other bureaucracy) lies in those who collect and maintain information (e.g. CIA, FBI, The Illuminati, etc.). DiCaprio's depiction of Hoover as an egotistical meglomaniacle paranoid homosexual is very powerful and lifts the veil on the stalwart public perception of what he was in public life (the 'spottless and incorruptable hard core crime fighting boss of the FBI'). Hoover's contempt for the Kennedy's, MLK Jr., and Nixon (just to name a few) are brought to the front and illustrates how much JEH felt that HE was the one who controlled Washington and not the politicians. This is a good (not 'great') film, and I'd recommend it as an 'eye opener' to anyone studying the life and history of JEH and the FBI