As a fan of Johnny Depp I really looked forward to seeing this movie. It was to great disappointment. I am not sure how to categorize this movie, drama? comedy? action? It was all around strange. Perhaps if I had reviewed its back ground before going, I would of understood it better.

It did have its funny moments, but many of which had been featured in their promo adds of the movie. Mr Depp's acting seemed to be a bit off. Perhaps cause it was a more raw look into him without any pirate costume, weird hands or other distracting extras. It seemed like a movie without a true meaning..... There were moments where you would think the plot would come together, importance of the child he saw in car and then puff it would go onto another subject matter.

It was slow at times and seemed to have been dragged on a bit. Did not have any idea it was based on someone's life till end of the movie. It was just a bit too strange for my taste.