This series of the Ring by Wagner does not disappoint. This third opera Siegfried was stupendous. The technical side of production is getting better and better., an animated little bird this time. The young singer who was doing only his third time at singing this huge tenor role was amazing. This role of Siegfried is the most demanding in all of the tenor repertoire. First he must be a Wagnerian tenor full of power and able to sustain it throughout the entire four plus hours of the opera. In the final act he must show some of his lyricism. There are only 2 or 3 people singing today who can handle that load. Our Siegfried tenor did not disappoint. Bravo!

My final words are full of praise for this HD production of the Metropolitan Operas Saturday Matinee performances. While it is not the total ambiance of being in the opera house, it does give close up expressions of the singers as they are performing, both seeing and feeling their characters' emotions. (opera singer)