...if you like opera. Also, understand this is "Wagner" -- it's 'heavy' and long (~ 5 1/2 hours) but oh my, so powerful, lyrical and moving. Jay Hunter Morris, who sings the title role, was a last minute fill-in for Gary Lehmann who had to withdraw 5 weeks ago for health reasons. He was every bit up to the part and clearly in sync with the other performers and the conductor. He's a "local boy" from Paris TX and it was just a hoot to hear his Texas twang, when interviewed during an intermision, contrasted with his German lyrics.

Just a word about the theater (the Regal Fenway in Boston): while otherwise an excellent venue, they didn't (read "refused") to open the doors to the theater until 11:30 despite the announced 11 AM opening when I called several days previous (similar experience for others). So, close to 250, many of whom were elderly and at least 2 of whom were in wheelchairs, were forced to wait in the cold even though the "manager" could see the situation. Just outrageous.