Someone must convince the Metropolitan Opera a 20 minute film of spectators taking their seats in the Metropolitan Opera house is not entertaining. Nor do we need to be reminded of the upcoming HD broadcasts more than twice. Giving Bloomberg and Neubauer Foundation a couple of shots is okay.

I took friends new to opera, and they enjoyed the performance. They will be very reluctant to go again because of the excess pre-performance material. Also, the sometimes very welcome anecdotes and meeting the cast are very interesting but should be confined to the intermission. We need only about five minutes to take care of our biological needs. The balance of the intermission showing people wandering the hall is not entertaining.

As for the opera. All of the cast was great except the mezzo-soprano who was only adequate. The music in the second half was much different and much better than the first. It is a wonderful opera. Very taxing on the soprano. Netrebko was wonderful.