I love their music, but I've always thought there were two bands called The Rolling Stones, one you listen to, and one you watch. Seeing Mick Jagger close-up, I realized why he looks so familiar. Two words: Barney Fife.

Now to the movie. The pre-concert interview wanders and is very low-energy. For pre-concert the way it should be done, catch one of the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts. This one is just a place-holder for a better pre-concert bit.

The concert, however, is fun. The Rolling Stones in all their goofy glory. In addition to the Stones, you get to see Doug Kershaw on fiddle in the country-western number, "The Girl With The Far-Away Eyes." You get to see Mick Jagger hopping, squatting, and grabbing his band-mates' crotches. Ron Wood's fingers fly, Keith Richards is, well, Keith Richards, and they do play a number of favorites including "Brown Sugar" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash."

Worth the time, worth the money. A great concert? No, but a good one.