If for no other reason, this is a "must go" to experience the fantastic, Anna Netrebko as Anna Bolena. Here's the real scoop....Anna is outstanding in her role, her voice is as beautiful as she. Percy is breathtaking, his voice better than the King! Storyline was engaging, time flew and we could not believe we had just sat through 4 hours of opera. Disappointments: the King, though handsome as can be with a regal presence, his voice did not do the role justice. Jane Seymour, in my opinion was completely mis-cast. Jane should have been a young nubile beauty....more beautiful and younger than the Queen! Instead, Jane looked more like a milk-maiden, stocky and appeared older than the King and Queen. Disapppointing, indeed. Smeaton would have been a beautiful Jane, her voice was gorgeous and she was better suited in looks and age. Overall, this opera was terrific and I would highly recommend!