Since the broadcast of the program has ended, a review seems somewhat unnecessary. However in case it is ever rebroadcast, or comes out on DVD, we just want to say this wans absoulutely astoundingly good.

Having seen the show on Broadway and elsewhere as well as the movie, my wife and I cannot stop talking about the filmed live version since we saw it in the movie theater last night.

The technical aspects were absolutely perfect. Sound was tremendous, yet al the dialog was intelligible. The director called the shots well, mixing close ups and wide stage shots to perfection, without benefit of re-do's and alternate takes.

But outshining all that were the performances. We know nothing about the principles, but they could not have been better in their roles. The Phantom , Christine, and Roul brought a totally hyptonizing intensity to the roles and made the entire story more meaningful than any of the prior performances we have seen. See this if you have the chance!