At the end of this movie there was one outstanding question - why? Why make this movie in the first place and why wait 10 years to release it? It wasn't really clear what this was all about - a PR vehicle for Paul McCartney - an homage to vanity - an advert for his music career which ended 30 years ago? The handheld fly-on-the-wall treatment was irritating - there was no narrative which led to the nihilistic mood of the piece. There were lots of contradictions - McCartney saying he was a man of the people and then trying to get as far away from them as quickly as possible every time he was put in a position to meet them - McCartney telling Clapton how to play his guitar solo and then saying, 'I don't need to tell you what to do' and Clapton replying glumly, 'No'. McCartney's stories never seemed to add up and it was never really clear what his role in this concert was. Was he the organiser? Was he just the main act? Was he just a bit player? Who knows?