Nothing new about the plot, which was okay. With the exception of Ron Pearlman, the acting was so-so. The actress cast to play Conan's love interest was annoying.

It's as if the producers knew this movie wouldn't amount to much other than Cinema Turd, so they shot the movie it in 3D, threw in some topless women, the token sex scene and some fighting with lots of blood, heads, noses and other body parts being chopped off and hoped and crossed their fingers no one would notice this movie blows, bites and sucks all at the same time.

What a waste of money, 3D or no 3D. However, if you MUST see this movie, wait until it becomes available, but not through Block Buster or iTunes where you will pay $4 or $5 dollars to rent it. No, wait until you can get it through Red Box, that way you will only have to fork over $1 to rent it and not feel so ripped off.