Let me be up front: I'm a fan of the original, and not generally thrilled about remakes. Nor of 3D films. Having said that, let me say that THIS remake is BRILLIANT! Great casting, darker, scarier but still with a sense of humor, just the right touch of gore but not too much. It is hands down the best use of 3D that I've seen.

Colin Farrell is not the sensuous vamp that Sarandon was - he's meaner, scarier, completely without conscience, a killing machine feeding on its' prey's fear. Imogen Poots (Amy) is much more kick-***, reflecting changes in what horror film heroines have become in the last 25 years (thank you, Joss Whedon & Buffy!).

Best of all, David Tennant in the role originated by Roddy McDowell. Here, Peter Vincent is an illusionist known for his predilection for the dark. Strutting in leather & long hair, a coward inside but ultimately standing up to his fear, he is GREAT, and I hope this puts him on the map here (aside from being Dr. Who).

One word: GO!