Neil Patrick Harris does a great job as "Robert" in the latest incarnation of "Company." The part can be bland as it's largely passive, but Harris gives those tiny ticks and gestures that give an insight into the character's inner life. Patti Lupone manages to be both warm and caustic, and Martha Plimpton is delightful.


This suffers a bit from over-information. We know too much about the personal lives of some of the cast members, which makes certain scenes seem odd, or adds a wink or a nudge when it's not intended. It's hard to see past the actor's public persona and just see the character in some places.

That said, we enjoyed it, and from the laughter in the theater, so did a lot of the people in the audience. Having now seen "Memphis" and "Company," we're Fantom fans. Bring us more!

It's not appropriate for kids 13 and under (and they'd be bored to death, probably, as it deals with aspects of adult life), but for adults, it's a piercing look at relationships.