This was a great musical. Neil Patrick Harris was great as Bobby. Patti Lupon's version of The Ladies Who Lunch was a lot of fun. Great number for Patti to sing. This was a fun production. Being a concert version the scenery was scalled back, but they did a lot with what they had. Simple couches & chairs that were rearranged for each scene. The actors were paired perfectly with their onstage spouses. One of my favorite numbers was "Getting Married Today". The actress playing Amy did a lot during that number and was simply amazing. She had a lot of energy. Outside of the sets, costumes & perfomances, this musical has a lot going on it with the music and lyrics. The songs are fun, but they also say a lot about life, relationships, your own identity, and fitting in with the rest of the world. I hope they put this on DVD. I will definitely buy it.