If you like farce, great singing and good acting, see this production. Its staging and direction are witty and creative. The lead roles are filled by the world's top talent. There's even some naughtiness -- mostly by insinuation. However, there is a totally hysterical scene at the end with the villain, the heroine, and the villain's page (who is played by a woman) all in bed together groping each other. Also, the costumes manage to be "period" and suggestive at the same time -- a bunch of wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen.

The sound of this year's Met in HD shows isn't as superb as before. Somebody has decided to throw most of the orchestra into the surround speakers. They've obviously not spent much time in movie theaters. The surrounds are too small to carry that weight. That magnificent orchestra winds up sounding like it's coming through a high-school PA system. Keep the music in the good speakers up front where it belongs -- the applause can go to the surrounds.