Talk about a diamond in the rough, I usually hate going to the movies this time of year but if you stumble upon this one, good for you! John C. Reilly steals the show, talk about a guy that is a funny guy that never gets the screentime he should. Ed Helms plays a guy similar to the roles you've seen him in film & television but at this point it's still funny enough to make you laugh out loud when you see him in action. Never thought I'd say this but Anne Heche, whereever the hell she's been for the past decade or so, shows up in a big way as well. With little jabs poking fun at small town life but in a tasteful manner, this movie has you laughing from beginning to end. Nice to see a smaller movie big on simple dialogue and great characters rather than your usual big name with way too much schtick that makes the laughs feel forced. Get ready to fall in love with middle america and the Insurance brokers in Cedar Rapids.