I have never seen the full opera so keep that in mind. I've heard the famous arias as well as Andy Griffith's comedic skewering but that's been it.

I was very disappointed in this on all levels. I'm glad there were no deliberate 3-D "throwing things at the screen" but there were several impressive moments where the leading ladies were right in front of the camera and appeared to tower over and lean out into the audience. Otherwise it was like watching a View-Master reel because everyone was made small in the widescreen shots.

The opera itself was disappointing because every main actor, except for Escamillo, was not only Caucasian but heavily so (pale skin with fake orange tans). Only Micaela was attractive, some of the others looked heavily Botox-ed, especially Carmen and Manuelita.

I also have personal issues with opera in general, where operas are set in one area but sung in a foreign language. Here the Opera is set in Seville, Spain but the actors all sing in French!