Will I ever see another movie that is NOT 3-D? I guess that sharing my life with a 6-year-old means lots of 3-D movies!

We took our 6-year-old to see this movie at Midway in Queens, MY. We all liked the movie, although the Elton John music did go on a bit too long. Don't get me wrong: I like Elton John, amd the use of his music was very clever in some spots (see, especially, the scene where the gnome is attempting to make an online purchase to strains of Bennie & The Jets); but there was an awful lot of it!

The story is . . . well . . . Romeo & Juliet, and all the Shakespere reference are hilarious: pay attention to the house numbers and the moving company van, in particular. And the "cameo" appearance by Shakespere himself is amusing.

I recommend the movie (but if you hate Elton John, it might be difficult).

Also, a thumbs-up for Midway: good service, friendly and efficient staff, clean theater, even a parking garage right next door.