Loved it! I had seen 5 of the 10 movies, but enjoyed watching all 10 movies again. AMC added a new twist to the showcase this year, $20 of the $50 ticket price was an AMC gift card that could be used for concessions. So you really only spent $30 on 10 movies, what a value!!
Natalie Portman should win for Black Swan, although it was a hard film to watch, it made me jump. I loved Haillee Steinfeld in True Grit, her performance stole the show. 127 Hours makes you squirm in your seat and put your hands over your eyes (then you peek through your fingers). I loved Colin Firth's frustrated king in the The King's Speech, he should win Best Actor. Christian Bale should win for Best Supporting Actor in The Fighter. The Social Network, Winter's Bone, Inception, The Kids Are Alright and Toy Story 3 were just as good the second go round. I wish Toy Story3 would win Best Picture, but it will probably go to The King's Speech.