Not only did I like it, I was captivated. It was a very moving experience ! I have seen many movies dealing with the environment, This one because of its beauty, Glenn Close's perfect narration and gripping musical score was unforgettable. I am going to see it again !
Who should see it? Everyone !
Yan Arthus-Bertrand has been very generous by offering it for free, I think that every person, who was moved by it not only would want to talk about it, but also would help promote it, by having it shown in their social club, parish, college, library, neighborhood theater, cultural organization, schools. And, these institutions, would do their part in promoting it, by showing it for free or minimal cost. The point here is reaching as many people as possible.
Why not show it in ALL schools, "It is not up to children to change things, It is up to us, adults"; Yes, agreed, I do think however that children can very much influence their parents, I have seen miracles in that domain.